man….. what a life

man….. what a life
I’ve got  ~  me the artist
independent publisher

after a cancellation
with my world class
humanitarian friend
I’m sittin’
all by my lonesome
in a hotel
the ‘Ye Olde Carlton Arms’
as a matter of fact
recommended by
this great photographer
I’m collaborating with
who lives in Stuyvesant Town

on this rainy day in NYC
with nowhere to go
I type away  ~  on
my worn-out
as comfortable as
an old pair of shoes
creative partner
of many years
a little black Z61t
Lenovo ThinkPad……

in search of inspiration
I look out the window
to the east……
while I enthusiastically listen
to my new MP3 download
music by The Cynz  ~
I vigorously shake
my head up and down
to the lyrics of the track
this is my evolution’
as I fondly
with a smile
just yesterday
that band’s singer
front woman
was doing the same
as she performed
the song at The Delancey
where beforehand
her and I sat in the dark
fervently talking ‘bout
the struggle
of present day artists
who have to

I think back to
the cancellation
with my world class
humanitarian friend
where the discussion
was going to be
boys livin’ in the streets
used as sex toys
by people
who can afford
a house and a hotel
have a family
with wife and kids

really ~  really
makes me think  ~

man….. what a life
I’ve got  ~

Image & Words by   ~Keith Alan Hamilton~

Inspired by three great woman I’m deeply honored to know!
Carlton Arms Hotel (‘Ye Olde Carlton Arms’)

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