The spirit behind my publishing efforts at Keith Alan

The spirit behind my publishing efforts are as follows:

Keith Alan is an independent online publisher for the art of ~Keith Alan Hamilton~ and other Artists: the overall purpose is to make available a freely accessible and affordable medium which will provide the creative spirit greater recognition, distribution & readership over the internet.

To help achieve this purpose my web sites published online by Keith Alan The Hamilton Gallery ~ and are what I call living documents (works of art in progress). It is my vision then to create over the internet as mentioned this freely accessible and affordable publishing environment with the assistance of cutting edge technology. Online, people can view the evolving creative process of my artwork, as well as other artists I feature (extending to the Poets. Writers, Photographers, Musicians, Artists ~ Networking Group on Facebook). Why? I am a firm believer that creativity breeds creativity and the more creativity that is shared with others, where people observe and experience the entire creative process from start to finish, will benefit all humanity. By seeing the struggle to bring forth works of art the people of the world from young to the old will be inspired to be more creative themselves. They will be encouraged to bring forth works of art in word and image to be shared with others, which will collectively provide positve change for all humanity.

By allowing artists the opportunity to showcase their artwork, be published at my web sites free of charge to them over a freely accessible medium like the internet, a larger audience of people can experience, view and read their style of artwork. Many artists, me included can get published at a relatively moderate cost today; however, many of us are not promoted and distributed to the point of where our creations can be viewed and/or read by others on a large scale. Many artists are not as concerned with getting rich or being famous, but rather if their work, their creations are being widely viewed and/or read, shared and enjoyed by others. That is my heartfelt hope, my vision in forming this collaborative of the best artists in the world, is that they widely get more, recognition, distribution and readership for the lasting benefit of humanity as a whole.

~Keith Alan Hamilton~

My Vision:

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Read more about concepts and practices supporting freely accessible and affordable information/education, energy, transportation, housing and health care for We the people (humanity) in my online, PDF eBook Nature ~ IQ: Let’s Survive, Not Die!


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