my Smartphone

there… all alone
in the Big Apple I was
on the 3rd floor
corner room
of the Carlton Arms Hotel
with a window view
that looks up 3rd Ave   ~
from 25th street
rainy outside
overcast sky
I think of writing
on this day of no plans
I ponder
do I turn on
my laptop
or do I stay in bed
and use my Smartphone
to create a poem   ~
you see…. nowadays
I use my Smartphone
more and more
to type my words
they get stored
on it too
even at
poetry readings
I read from my Smartphone
i.e., a reading in Baltimore
put on by my peace activist/
poet friend David Eberhardt

which included my poet friend
Constantine Pantazonis
instead of a sheet of paper
the whole process seems
so much more spontaneous
easy and convenient
I only use
my computer
to write prose
on my blog/web site
’cause the keypad
on the phone
still sucks for all that  ~
I’ve started a whole series
of photos with poetic words
called Images with Words
posted at my blog
on my Facebook page
……later this year
to be an eBook
only using
my Droid Bionic
who’d have thunk
within the mural
painted walls
of such a storied
NYC hotel
would sit not Gellhorn….
with her fingers tapping out
on a typewriter
a war story for a magazine
but   ~Keith Alan Hamilton~
as he uses
this high-tech gadget
to create words
to illustrate through image
his story/poem

Image & Words by  ~Keith Alan Hamilton~
Carlton Arms Hotel – NYC

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