Introduction to the eBook Nature ~ IQ: Let’s Survive, Not Die

What follows is the Introduction to the eBook Nature ~ IQ: Let’s Survive, Not Die! Download this eBook version (PDF – Computers & Smartphones) for free here:

Hopefully, the thoughts in this book will motivate We the people to formulate a clear message that presents an united appeal with purpose – a resonating call enlisting the cooperation of those that represent We the people within government where a forthright, proactive, and concerned people justifiably ask for the assistance of the servant they appointed. Asking for the formation of a balanced partnership is centered on the theme of survival, the ongoing preservation of the human species. Such a balanced partnership is now more important than ever with drastically disruptive earth changes advancing steadily on the horizon.

If such a process of communication can be achieved between the government and We the people, it will serve as a model for other people in other nations as a relevant and timely choice to follow. To assure its purpose, keep its focus, and guarantee its ongoing success, we must maintain a nonpartisan way of thinking. It would have to be free from the distraction of assigning blame, name-calling, vendetta, and the over promotion of a certain cultural/national agenda. Its primary goal would be to come up with a more effective support system to help We the people to be more able to help ourselves.

Also, if this support system were to be effective, it would have to be focused around proven concepts and practices that are freely accessible and affordable to We the people. Whether the concepts and practices are old or new, they must have a forward thinking outlook in their development. Not so unlike the concepts and practices put forth by Alexander Hamilton to support the growth of a new nation, those used today and in the days that follow need to create employment, satisfy supply and demand, stabilize the economy, and inhibit chaotic conditions from materializing within We the people. These concepts and practices would have to be behaviorally, intelligently progressive by factoring in the relevant lessons of lived experience, our expanding Nature ~ IQ. They need to maintain a degree of flexibility and be transitional in their developmental process. This would help these concepts and practices remain adaptable to the conditions of the times, while using innovative technology. As such they would be fully able to adjust to the needs of We the people in the future.

The five key concepts and practices I focus on in this book, which to be effective, should be made freely accessible and affordable to We the people are: energy, information/education, transportation, health care, and housing. If we implement support systems focused around proven concepts and practices, which improve the overall condition of We the people, such a positive act will lift up the spirit of We the people. We the people will be more ready and able, more resilient and adaptive, and more willing and confident to creatively find ways to help ourselves and to survive any type of earth change that may occur in the years to come. No matter if these earth changes manifest themselves separately or in combination and regardless if these earth changes appear in forms, such as: climate change with more violent weather or through global plagues, super-volcanoes, killer asteroids, in an increased amount and intensity of earthquakes and tsunamis, human born nuclear war or terrorism, or maybe even the arrival of unfriendly extraterrestrials, etc. If We the people are provided the proper supportive environment, afforded enough time and opportunity to find a way; then We the people, helping ourselves can and will be able to survive and adapt to whatever obstacle of change Nature and its earth throws upon us.

beyond 2012
gonna be more proactive

~ here’s what
I’ll be doing
not waiting around
or being held back
by some wacko prophesy
Mayan calendar
global warming
earth change
~ bullshit ~
all that ~ ain’t gonna
decide my destiny
~ I’m
gonna be trying
given it my best
my all to live
with a purpose
having a vision
that fills me with conviction
not only inspiring hope
within myself
but inside
all the people
I meet
along the streets
and byways
of my community
and the world
~ especially upon
the electronic waves
that internet
just yammering
with free speech possibilities
and potential
so the people too ~
throughout the earth
can get a diverse perspective
on planetary events
~ then be more able to form
an informed opinion
from the basis of sound
judgment….. and then
will want to live on
to survive ~
prepare a way ~
construct a plan
for the future
of our children
and our children’s ~ children
….. that’s what I’m gonna
be doing ~ how ‘bout you
my brothers
and sisters ~
~ the hell
with Nostradamus
that Mayan calendar
global warming
earth change…….
~ whatever
let’s not buy into
the hopelessness
the helplessness
or paralysis
waiting to
weigh down ~
the survival spirit
of humanity
within such a bleak reality
~ we the people
need to creatively
our own reality
~ stand erect
and united
strong ~
and unstoppable as one
for one worthy purpose
and vision
above all else ~
the survival of humanity
~ we the people
of the planet
need to focus on
what’s really happening
upon Nature’s earth
not get lost in the mirage
of prediction and prophecy
we must go beyond
the right of free speech
and marching in the street
we need to let our
elected representative
the inspiring politician know
if you want to be voted in
be offering up ideas
strategies ~ plans
ways to help the people
improve the condition
of the people
based on proven
and transitional
concepts and practices
within industries like ~
information/education ~
transportation ~
healthcare ~ housing
and energy
even beyond that…..
concepts and practices
freely accessible
and affordable for everyone
~ fully support
an infrastructure
that creates employment ~
satisfies supply and demand
and stabilizes the economy
~ or don’t be asking
for our vote
~ ‘cause you ain’t hearing
the voice of the people
you’re just offering up
some well-marketed
blather to get
yourself elected
~ listen up
we ain’t asking for
no handout
some welfare
or communist state
just an improved system
as to the implementation
of these things mentioned ~
which will provide us
the people
with a willingness
an uplifted spirit
that will inspire in us
a drive that shall
produce our own
the potential to…..
help ourselves ~
an industriousness ~
to develop the abilities
and hopefully
through our united efforts
we will allot ourselves
the precious time
to come up with ways
that will transition us past
and beyond
all the doom and gloom
2012 ~ Nostradamus
Mayan calendar
global warming
earth change
bullshit ~
‘cause ~ we the people
ain’t gonna be falling into
the lure of hopelessness
the vat of helplessness
or the straightjacket
of paralysis
but rather ~ beyond 2012
~ we the people
are gonna be
more proactive
more prepared
more adaptive
instead of being
some reactionary
finger pointing
excuse maker
overburdened with guilt
from the mistakes
of simply being human
….. and no doubt
time and time again
Nature ~ it’s earth
even ourselves….
will create day to day ills ~
as well as global tribulations
where ~ we the people
will just have to face
such changes
head on
and deal with them….

why….. what for ~
for who ~ you may ask ~
as said before…. to better assure
the survival of our kind
our children and our children’s
children into the future

~ you’ve heard it right
my brothers and sisters

~ peace out

We the people of the United States, let us free ourselves from the misperceptions, the blame, the guilt and the inhibitions that surround earth change. Let’s set the example, set the course, provide the guidance and then lead the rest of We the people on the earth to a bright and lasting future for all humanity.

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