blacksmith named Gabriel

burialDedicated to my sister and art mentor Helene Ruiz ..    Peace out humanity !

I’m this artist
who likes to tell a story
of words with an image
captured in time
~    today with
Smartphone in hand
I begin my
photographic journey
along the Slave Trail
in Richmond
a somber place
representative of
cruel and hard endings
for some …..
of us human beings
hung from
the once was
hillside gallows
for instance
a 24 year old blacksmith
named Gabriel
aroused with
the spiritual vision
that in the eyes
of the creator
all people
despite color of skin
are a part of
The Human Race
equal with
every kind of
man and woman
~    however
such a righteous revelation
to evolve The Human Race
beyond the defining of race
by skin color
was put to death
due to ignorance
and ill perceived
‘cause some
of a certain skin color
blinded by the trade
of slavery
were not yet
so enlightened
about the benevolent ways
of God Almighty
for all    ~

but to the unmindful
~    driving down
Broad Street
over a bridge
this place appears to be
a green grass
park like lawn
next to some
railroad tracks
not long ago
a paved over parking lot
~    sleepily awaiting
a full resurrection
of remembrance ….   for
all those buried there
now a parcel of land
with a shrine
known as
the Negro Burial Ground
but more ethnically
the African Ancestral
Burial Ground   ~

like the blacksmith
named Gabriel
this experience
emerges forth
a spiritual vision
within me
this everyday
human being
no better than anyone else
where the color of …..
a person’s skin
shines on the beauty
and rich character
of their ethnicity
and yet
in the light of    ~
equality for all
skin color does not
determine race
‘cause the human
belongs to only one race
The Human Race
if not ….
then resurrect
the Richmond gallows
and hang me on the hillside
it would be an honor
to be buried
next to my fellow
human beings
that blacksmith
named Gabriel

peace out

Image & Words by     ~Keith Alan Hamilton~

This story poem will be a part of the May edition that’s a collaboration by the 2015 Poetry Posse  – The Year of the Poet II published by Inner Child Press.  Buy your monthly copy Here: