The Foreword for the April Edition of The Year of the Poet II

What an absolute delight it is to be a part of the 2015 Poetry Posse and its collaborative effort to create the monthly editions of The Year of The Poet II published by Inner Child Press.   To be an artist is one thing, but it is a special life experience to participate in the emergence of the poetic word with other fellow artists.

Did I just call a poet an artist?  I did !  The word imagery constructed by the artist the poet to bring forth poetry is the ultimate art form in my opinion.  As I make reference to my use of poetry in the Preface of my second book in the series Nature   ~  IQ: Let’s  Survive, Not Die  ! (book now in the process of being written).

“The late David Bohm on page 63 of his book Wholeness and the Implicate Order referred to poetry ‘as an art form’  having a primary function ‘to give rise to a new perception, and to action that is implicit in this perception, rather than to communicate reflective knowledge of how everything is’. “  As I say further in the Preface, ‘I hope my poetic style of words have that same type of effect, to inspire the creation of novel and timely ideas through a process of intelligent perception in others’.”

How fitting to illustrate and celebrate such a powerfully influential art form as poetry, then the April edition of The Year of The Poet II.  This month’s theme is specifically about the art form known as poetry and how the word imagery used to construct it finds revelation through the symbolic metaphor embedded within the social notion of rebirth/new birth long associated with the spring season.   The art form poetry creatively used by the artist the poet, can initiate a positive effect on others, “to inspire in them the creation of novel and timely ideas through a process of intelligent perception.”  This eureka type moment emergent from the word imagery of the artist the poet can create the season  of change associated with spring within the thought process of others.   It can give rise to the rebirth of an old way of looking at things by initiating a new birth or a fresh outlook as to the way something is perceived in society.

How much more powerful is the art form of poetry to initiate change then when it is brought forth as one united although deliciously diversified voice, a collective of fellow artists called the 2015 Poetry Posse?  The objective behind putting together this posse as stated by its founders “is to bring the Poetry Community together with the various Cross Demographic representations found in Gender, Religion, Geography, Culture and Ethnicity.”  I joined the posse in 2015 because I am a true believer in the power of this objective and truly believe this collective force of fellow artists through the art form of poetry can exemplify and initiate positive change that will be beneficial overall for all THE HUMAN RACE.

I have intelligently progressed as a human being and artist to believe the following without wavier, “The true act of creating art, is for it to be used for the everlasting benefit of all humanity” by using art to create change.  Where does that start?  Right here on these pages filled with words of imagery by artists who are willing to share with and support other artists.  As artists, side by side, they see the wisdom in working as one to get each other’s unique vision and voice channeled through the creative process out to the world.

It is my honor to present to you the poetic words of my fellow artists the 2015 Poetry Posse within the April edition of The Year of The Poet II published by Inner Child Press.

Words of Potential

words having potential
manifest this spirit
one that tries to stimulate
some new perception
doing so to invoke an action
being of the creative kind
not to just convey
the way things appear

also to spark
within those
who may listen
fresh notions
born from self-origin

peace out

~Keith Alan Hamilton~

This Foreword will be a part of the April edition that’s a collaboration by the 2015 Poetry Posse  – The Year of the Poet II published by Inner Child Press.  Buy your monthly copy Here: