living self portrait

This epic poem is dedicated to my departed comrade and most influential poetry mentor on my style of words, Dino (Constantine Pantazonis).  Dino was the first to ask why I used the tilde  ~  and then thereafter encouraged me to do so even the use of it with my writing name ( ~Keith Alan Hamilton~ ).  Dino your living self portrait through poetic word and imagery will always be vivid in my mind.  Peace out !

I’m this living self portrait
not painted to be hung on
some wall
imprisoned as a piece
of exhibited art
on display
as a corpse ……    rotting alive
in a tomb of days gone by
I’m the Mona Lisa reborn
again and again
as she was
through the ingenious eye
of da Vinci
never am I finished
while the spirit of life
flows the breath of oxygen
~    intelligently
about a receptive mind
perceptively guiding the hand
embodied with the gift of empathy
boldly stroking
every facet of color
as this unique blend of creativity
intermingled with
word and imagery ……   etching out
the total human experience
with its pay your dues
character lines
the mark of a spiritual existence
not only on the face
but tattooed
on every inch of the body
like the use of the tilde   ~
and the dotted line …..
in a newly written
epic poem  ~   giving honor
to a poetry mentor
named Dino
despite the norm
all to enhance the expression
of a mystically
artistic soul
as this living self portrait

peace out

Words by    ~Keith Alan Hamilton~

This epic poem will be a part of the April edition that’s a collaboration by the 2015 Poetry Posse  – The Year of the Poet II published by Inner Child Press.  Buy your monthly copy Here: