the artful expression ~

This poem and the 6 that follow are dedicated to my poetry mentor Judih Weinstein Haggai.  She taught me through example (action poetry) how to communicate words well in my own special way.

the moon has been
up in the sky
every night
since whenever
the sun rises
bright and early
no matter what   ~
the day
counts on it
summer comes and goes
year after year
like the tide
along the rocky shore
the leaves of the tree
fall in Fall
the cold wind
blows in Winter
such patterns of change
give the cognizant kind
the notion of predictability
and the comfort
felt from
the recurrent
of stability in reality
the announcement
Daylight Saving Time
the dawn of Spring
and yet
the reoccurrence
of some things
behavioral patterns
bathed in
the stagnate waters
bias and inhibition
are hard as a diamond
to change
unless altered by
a kind of laser
an art form of words
creatively written
as the late David Bohm
on page 63 of his book
and the Implicate Order
gave as an example
~   poetry having
a primary function
……to give rise
to a new perception,
and to action
that is implicit
in this perception,
rather than to communicate
reflective knowledge
of ‘how everything is’…….
indeed   ~
the artful expression   ~
an opinion   ~
an idea or concept
that creatively paints
the way to the eureka moment
the intelligent perception
like the art of Leonardo
di ser Piero da Vinci
that eventually fosters
human growth
and change
a fresh perspective
similar to
the symbolism of Spring

peace out

6 action poems with verse inspired by JWH

peace out
out of stimulants
freak out

hey man
man what’s up
heavy man

foxy lady
lady’s got game
first lady

big yawn
thoughts of sleep
wide awake

heavy eyelids
racetrack type mind
speeding everywhere

pitter patter
rain on roof
sound machine

human beings
one people

people united
humanity strong

people power
humanitarian beings

Love me
love me not
I exist

I exist
regardless of you
love exists

love exists
love conquers all
love cures

dark sky
sleepless in Boston
think session

coyote howl
barred owl hoot
woodland noise

ears ringing
fingers tapping keyboard
midnight journaling

know me
maybe a little
your choice

life is
kind of short
live now

peace humankind
let’s get along
makes sense

peace out

Words by    ~Keith Alan Hamilton~