humans have a way

humans have a way about them
despite what the naysayers say
in spite of the doomsayer’s claim

humankind has learned to cope
deal with it, live with it and then
live on through the circumstance

humanity will realize it’s the time
it’s now really time to get it done
join as one, overcome and go on

humans have a way about them
a way to get going when needed
and this way to adapt to survive

As a human, I turn a deaf ear to the naysayer, that doomsayer and the finger pointer casting blame in condemnation of past deeds solely to fill humanity with guilt and shame; overall in my opinion, humans are doing the best they can, learning as they stumble along in life by way of past actions and deeds; maybe not to the liking of some, who seemingly bellow their dismay as judge to intellectually or sanctimoniously elevate themselves above the ignorant and defiled peoples; as far as I see it as a common everyday person, humanity should not have to feel guilt, feel as evil for coming to be, wanting and trying to survive with the essential purpose to live and then learning no matter how long it takes to live on.

peace out

Words by   ~Keith Alan Hamilton~