things we do

there are days….. like today
when I remember the flowers
left at your grave
I still can’t believe
you are gone
how hard it is
to breathe
how impossible
to hold back
the tears
‘cause I can also
feel the loss
of all those
the flowers at your grave
all those who love you

and yet ~
while in the turmoil
of my sorrow
my heart knows
that the person you were
the person
you still are
within my mind
would want me
to go on…. live
live life to the fullest
set the example
to be followed
for all those
who feel the loss of you
by the flowers
left at your grave that day

’cause if we live…… it shall bring
everlasting honor
to the way
you lived
each day of your life

‘cause you
will still be with us
~  yes
within the very
things we do

Image & Words by  ~Keith Alan Hamilton~

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