I vote more to the middle ~ Hillary !

As a mystic and social activist who is politically a so-called centrist… I truly believe the president should operate towards the middle of the political spectrum and be representative of all the people. The president should cooperatively work as a part of the peoples’ servant (the government) to foremost grant and then guarantee the right of choice, equality and justice for each and every individual before any group of individuals formed. In America it appears due to predisposition and inhibition from past experiences, the “group of individuals” according to
and belief
are given more focus and precedence….
amidst the throes of the struggle as a group of individuals called We the People…. we have forgotten the wisdom in this imperative principle…. if we grant and then guarantee the right of choice, equality and justice for the individual
groups formed
comprised of
grown in liberty
will reap the blessings
of freedom as well”

Because of this….. I will not vote for Trump to be president. Way to extreme for the cause of freedom….. I vote more to the middle ~ Hillary !


We the people
of the One Race
must see the wisdom
and benefit to all
in continually striving
to grant and then
each and every
regardless of
skin color
or belief
the liberty
to exercise freedom
through an
and transformational
of intelligent
similar to the butterfly
from cocoon
to flight. ……
……. experience fully
the right of choice
and justice
for all
the co-evolutionary
creation of
a social environment
where all
groups formed
comprised of
grown in liberty
will reap the blessings
of freedom as well

peace out

Image & Words by  ~Keith Alan Hamilton~


Dear US Soldier ~ THANK YOU

Dear US Soldier
since the creation
of our nation
for your service
when the ultimate
is given
the loss of your life
for freedom
that ideal flowing
within the spirit of liberty
I will never forget you
as long as I breathe
and may my words
of gratefulness
be preserved
through the annuls
of eternity

I pray for a time of
everlasting peace
where the overall
of humanity
has improved so much
your service
is no longer needed
you then
mother and father
would get to spend
those precious moments
with daughter and son
to be cherished
for a lifetime

peace out world

Dear US Soldier  ~  THANK YOU
we remember and honor you
on Memorial Day

Words by   ~Keith Alan Hamilton~

the why ~ for all this living

on summer vacation
first week of September
the highlands
of Cape Breton
sung sweetly
to me
as if
given an angelic air
according to the wind
driven on its course
over hill and dale
~   accompanied
~   harmoniously
from the rush of sea
ever so steadily
upon the ragged shore
sculptured in rocks
with weathered
lines of character
where water and land
are roofed with
the veil of sky
not only home to
~   the cloud
~   the sun
~   the moon
but   ~    the bald eagle
neither one nor two
the many
majestically about
all the while below
the moose walks
and runs
with beige or gray
covered legs
along the zigzag path
of rugged terrain
and too
the same shadow
of the eagle’s wing
right off
the best kept secret
on the Cabot Trail
Meat Cove
~   the whale
breaching together   ~   freely
in synchronized swimming
purely   ~   unequivocally
breathtaking …..

~   for if I knew
the day and time
my end would come
this is where
this place
I would sit
upon the ground
on the hill
above that cove
with love one in arm
I would
without fear
face northwest
to peer across
the Gulf of St. Lawrence

and whisper goodbye

I’d patiently
and peacefully
wait in silence
for my maker
accompanied by
the angel of death

it would be then
with poise
I would ask the creator

the why
~    for all this living

peace out

Words by    ~Keith Alan Hamilton~

The spirit behind my publishing efforts at Keith Alan Hamilton.com

The spirit behind my publishing efforts are as follows:

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