dancing with the angels ~ dedicated to James Lee Hargreaves

when I look up in the heavens
sometimes…. you are dancing
with your friends
as if you are showing me
how to cut loose
how to chill
how to have some fun
no doubt ~ livin’ ain’t easy
it can get you all wrapped up
in the everyday bullshit
where life passes by
without notice or appreciation

so look up into the sky
look across
the deep blue sea
along the horizon
notice that pebble
on the ground
as the little boy
gives it a kick
feel the wind
as it blows the flag on the pole
and you may see….. like me
the clouds dancing
with their friends the angels

Image & Words by ~Keith Alan Hamilton~
Dedicated to James Lee Hargreaves

take the chance

if I don’t take the chance
this window
of opportunity
that’s materializing
before me
to transform myself
yes…. fly
like the butterfly
with the wind
today will only become
another yesterday
another day
I didn’t take that chance
to begin ~ become
who I possibly could be

Image & Words by ~Keith Alan Hamilton~

I wrote this poem after Jimmy came to me in the form of a butterfly while I was mowing the lawn a few weeks after he passed. His message to me was comfirmed later that night in a dream.

vast sea

these are days
drenched in a mood
of overcast
as far as
the mind can see
through healing
appears improbable
or at least
in the near future
well  ~  so it seems
such a cloudy disposition
with the foreboding weight
of its shapes
displayed in contrast
across the mental
if given the time
will fade
into the horizon
…… then
the clear blue heaven
will inspire your spirit
your mood will be uplifted
and a smile on your face
will symbolize
this vast sea
the completeness
of your healing

Image & Words by ~Keith Alan Hamilton~

release…. the rain

life at times…… pours down
this torrent of grief
never ending
as it feels to those
who must undergo
the outpour of emotion
due to the loss
of a loved one

why  ~  why
the question
as sorrow runs
like water
from the storm
along the streets
the ills
of days gone by

release…. the rain
let go of the pain
tears must flow
wash the spirit
so the soul
feels free
to live again

Image & Words by  ~Keith Alan Hamilton~

the meaning in life

that lingering sadness
‘cause of the loss
of a loved one
begins to lesson
when the grieving soul
once again
on what’s
right before them
seeing the beauty
the meaning in life
for even
the undesirable
like a unkempt yard
full of overgrown weeds
accentuated by
this little
but immaculate tree
at the height of its crest

Image & Words by  ~Keith Alan Hamilton~

winds of change

as the ever persistent
winds of change
like the funky
wind catcher
in the front yard
spins through our life
from birth to death
dramatically bringing
endings….. disrupting
our normalcy…… altering
our hopes
and dreams……. bringing
us sorrow  ~
remorse  ~
then forgiveness
and most importantly
the emotional pain
due to loss
which suspends us
~  stands us still
in time……. eventually
to overwhelm us
yes  ~  to the point
we have to choose
between letting it
fully consume us
or just simply
letting it go  ~
so we can survive
and then
blow once again
in the wind
like the wind catcher
to have
a new beginning

peace out

Image & Words by ~Keith Alan Hamilton~

things we do

there are days….. like today
when I remember the flowers
left at your grave
I still can’t believe
you are gone
how hard it is
to breathe
how impossible
to hold back
the tears
‘cause I can also
feel the loss
of all those
the flowers at your grave
all those who love you

and yet ~
while in the turmoil
of my sorrow
my heart knows
that the person you were
the person
you still are
within my mind
would want me
to go on…. live
live life to the fullest
set the example
to be followed
for all those
who feel the loss of you
by the flowers
left at your grave that day

’cause if we live…… it shall bring
everlasting honor
to the way
you lived
each day of your life

‘cause you
will still be with us
~  yes
within the very
things we do

Image & Words by  ~Keith Alan Hamilton~

James Lee Hargreaves

My first post at this blog will be in honor of my life long friend James Lee Hargreaves who recently passed away from cancer at the young age of 55.  I have known Jimmy since kindergarten. What follows is something a few weeks ago  I posted on Facebook about Jim.

“Yesterday at Jimmy’s funeral the pastor said that Jim was one of the kindest and caring people he ever knew.  How true that statement is I know and had the honor of experiencing Jim’s loving spirit firsthand.

See, in my book, James Lee Hargreaves was a great man and a marvelous human being.  Sure I have known him my whole life and that biases my opinion.  Sure he was a part of the 1975 FHS baseball team I call A Band of Brothers and a Sister which each and everyone of them I care so much about!  Here is why I think Jim is a world class human being.

After Jim and I graduated by 1978 we both had started working at Ford Motor company in Dearborn, MI (River Rouge Plant). Earlier in 1977 I had gotten married and my son was born with major health problems. Keep in mind that Jim and I were just barely in our twenties at the time. I was newly married, my son was in and out of the hospital on a monthly basis and working at an auto plant was a whole new experience for Jim and I.  I am a very mentally and physically strong person.  However, at such a young age, what was going on was sometimes hard for me to handle emotionally. If it wasn’t for Jim being there for me everyday at work for five years, listening to what I said and felt without judgment, I would have faltered.  At such a young age, with problems of his own, he was always kind and caring to me.

Then in the last year of his life, Jim honored me in return by receiving my loving kindest towards him. Early this year when Jim had to stop chemo treatment because it was causing him to have mild strokes, by text he sent me a picture.  In the photo he was sitting in a chair at the hospital with a patch over one eye (blurred vision from a stroke) with a huge smile on his face. This was iconic Jimmy and his attitude towards life.

A few weeks ago before his recent passing, I spent two days with Jim.  He was weak and sick most of the time.  We talked and laughed and cried together.  When I left, I told Jim not to try to get up.  I reached around the head of this great human being, hugged and kissed his head.  I whispered I love you and he said he loved me.  I said I’ll call you.

I thank God each day I live for blessing me with a friend and brother like Jim.

My brother, my friend
your smile, your kindness
your courage, your love
the nobility of you
is forever kept
in the memory
of my heart

I will never forget you Jimmy

~Keith Alan Hamilton~”

Jim in high school.

Below the link to a tribute video having many wonderful pictures of Jimmy. I donated enough funds so it will stay up indefinitely.

Also visit Photos for Healing where I posted many great pictures of Jim.  https://www.keithalanhamilton.com/?p=135

Poems for Healing is a collection of poems with images I’ve wrote and taken since Jim passed away. https://www.keithalanhamilton.com/?cat=11

More posts to come at this blog……