a little slanted

my perspective on life
can be a little slanted
when compared to someone else
so be it……
I’m just shining
a little different light
on how things may seem
as to this or that
particular spot
along this road
I drive every day  ~
who knows
how I’ll
see it all tomorrow
ain’t that the beauty of life
the excitement
the possibility…
even on
this well traveled road
something new
might be revealed
regardless if
its always been there
just not really noticed before
by the preoccupied  ~  me

Image & Words by ~Keith Alan Hamilton~

afternoon moon

as if some premonition
the light clearing
the grayscale aftermath
a colorless
sediment filled sky
after the occurrence
of this apocalyptic event
where sensory perception
is sort of shell shocked
as reality
tries to awake again
retun back to what
seems normal
the way it used to be
in its right place
even that afternoon moon

Image & Words by ~Keith Alan Hamilton~

the right angle

Smartphone in hand
camera on
inspired with imagination
if the right angle is found
I can shoot
the same subject
at least or more than
~   2007 different ways
without losing the curiosity
of those who peer
into the imagery
I’ve preserved
from the flow of time

Smartphone in hand
camera on
inspired with imagination
what’s next   ~

Image & Words by ~Keith Alan Hamilton~

the living madness

beyond all the daily commotion
the ever increasing
the clarity of insight
with the serenity
it bestows
on the seeker
who puts forth the effort
physically and mentally
to push past
the chaos
the living madness
where order is seen
as the great orchestrator of all

Image & Words ~Keith Alan Hamillton~

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