Our time

as I walk alone this time
about the historic
Shockhoe Bottom area
right near the 17th Street
Farmers’ Market
the big clock just ahead
on the Main Street Station
sparked in my head
the memory of
Our time
the Time
when you took the time
to meet me
for the day in Richmond
yes   ~   so I could fully
immerse myself
in the spirit
of Poe
at his museum
see   ~   I’m this artist
with imagery
used in a way
to tell the tale  …..
…..    the story
of an experience
captured in time
by a photo
taken with
a Smartphone camera
to be further
with the dance
of poetic words   ~
~    little did I know then
back in that time
how much more
this kind of process
which preserves
moments in time
would become
especially with you
after I found out
you had been
diagnosed with MS   ~
~    how these images
with words
have been inspired
by your struggle
and would
later become useful
in fulfilling art’s
greatest calling
to serve the greater good
provide inspiration
where something
is changed for the better
a story to be told
and then shared
throughout the streets
as here in Richmond
until life’s ills
like MS
are no more
and its place in time
will be forgotten …..
…. but not   ~   Our time
my dear sweet muse

Image & Words by    ~Keith Alan Hamilton~

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