beaming with hope

it’s as if I’ve traveled
the shoals off New England
all the way to Virginia
back and forth
tossed and turned
many   ~   many times
where boldly
I’ve withstood
the wind and rain
of storms
on the ominous sea
frothed with a riptide
agitated for destruction
not so different
than that floating
now retired
in Portsmouth   ~
~    I’m on
this voyage of light
if not in body
to physically console
surely within mind ….
…..    I’ve thought
and brought forth
images with words
filled with positive
and nurturing energy
that are beaming with hope
like the light boat of old
to guide and inspire
my muse
as she has me
while courageously sailing
the life draining
waters of
the never-ending
chronic pain
of Fibromyalgia

Image & Words by   ~Keith Alan Hamilton~

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