rest assured

designated mile post 4
a spot on the Outer Banks
in Kitty Hawk
just a small stretch
of the land
touched by sea  …..
…..   restless water
with waves
daily washing and reshaping
the sand that makes up
the beach
filled with footprints   ~
fragments of seashells
and wind carrying
the noise of the gull
gently mixed
with the voice of people
bathed in sun   ~
skin covered with lotion
and salt residue
from a swim to cool off

on this particular day
and moment
I stand watching
my muse
as she playfully moves
around the water’s edge  …..
…..  I breathe in
a sigh of relief
she for now
is in a state of peace
distracted briefly
from the ills of MS
the villain that tries
like a tyrant
to rob her spirit
of the joy for living
she deserves
to have ……

I say to myself
that ain’t gonna happen
not while I am alive
I will always be
close enough
to keep her standing
while the feeling
of sand and water
soothingly moves
around her feet
and between her toes
with the gift
of comfort
it gives
to her mind
body and soul  ~
rest assured
my dear sweet muse

peace out   ~

Image & Words by   ~Keith Alan Hamilton~

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