The Women ~ Happy Mother’s Day MOM!

I  have an online flip-book of poetry in the process of being finished called The Woman ~ as perceived by The Man (soon to be in print).  The book contains art from four women who are world class artists, Denise Denomy, Regina A. Walker, Azzi Kalili-Williams and Era Tak.

The poem that follows to my two daughters is from the book. The poem embodies the loving spirit of my mother which the love my mother gave me, I in turn tried to give to my daughters when they were growing up. These days my 2nd daughter is a mother herself and I see the spirit of my mother’s love in her towards her children.

Happy Mother’s Day to my Mom and my daughter …. I am truly grateful for all The Women in my life.

The Women

oh my two
sweet   ~   little
adorably precious
and beautiful girls
your daddy
will love you
~   forever
as you become
the women
I’m hoping
yes   ~   praying
you both want
and shall be
oh   ~   how
they did love
to sit upon my lap
snuggly dressed
for bed
wearing those
cute footy pajamas
~   acting enthused
and showing
that nightly anticipation
all from being used to
having this father
with daughters
~   bonding ritual
of which now
many years later
is held tightly in
this ageing
man’s memory
~   me being
appointed the honor
by them   ~
as if I was
some master storyteller
to exuberantly
read aloud
~   while they’d
melodiously joined in   ~
singing the words
written within
a children’s book
that began with its title
I’ll love you forever,”
~   and
after which
as we’d finish
they’d both giggle
then hug me dearly
~   boy oh boy
I gotta tell you
during such
cherished moments
with my daughters   ~
I’d reflect back
to my boyhood
where I’d fondly recall
the love of my mother
who to me   ~
the character
of the woman
lovingly portrayed
within the pages
of this book
wherefore and within
such love
I was given
I’d hope and pray
with all my might
both my girls
shall be
as the woman
my mother was
and still is  ~
by experiencing from me
how I was loved
and cared
by her as a son
~   and in like manner
I’d promise
to do the same
for both of them
as my daughters
saying   ~
again and again
to myself   ~
oh my two
sweet   ~   little
adorably precious
and beautiful girls
your daddy
will love you
~   forever
as you become
the women
I’m hoping
yes   ~   praying
you both want
and shall be

Words by    ~Keith Alan Hamilton~

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