The Big Tea Party with a Cabinet Full of Ass-Wipes

a big  ~ gushing
kind of
social movement
discharged straight
from the bowels
of prejudice
directed toward
all those
not thought
to hold
an elevated status
in the eyes of God
or have a similar
way of belief
a narrow-minded
that craps out
an idealogical
waist product
built on falsehood
a more progressive
steeped to
a tea like brew
sipped by adherents
under the guise
of inspiring
Political Party
from a proverbial
Boston style cup
with a distinct
of liberty
but only
for the chosen few
and potent
with the drug of
social dis-ease
its addicting
ingredients of
and stereotype
a recruitment process
that has overflowed
the societal toilet
of fear based racism
a plugged
porcelain bowel
filled with Ass-Wipes
taken from
the bathroom
cabinet of
who are no longer
or supportive of
the humane spirit
that envisions
the wisdom
and benefit
to afford
We the people
of planet earth
the liberty of
freedom ~ equality
and justice for ALL

peace out

Art/Image by Helene Ruiz
Words by  ~Keith Alan Hamilton~

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