Preview of Black Lives DO Matter ~ Book Cover


A preview of the book cover for my upcoming book Black Lives DO Matter: One & Only Race ~ THE HUMAN RACE. It will be published during Black History month by my fellow social activist artist and friend William S. Peters, Sr. of Inner Child Press. The Foreword will be written by fellow social activist artist and friend Deon Ballard. The book will be edited by my mentor, devoted friend and fellow artist/writer Madeline Sharples. The book will be dedicated in part to one of my dearest friends and fellow social activist artists, who recently passed away, Janet Perkins Caldwell. Some of the endorsements will be written by my poetry and social activist mentor, dear friend David Eberhardt, artist and social activist mentor and dear friend Helene Ruiz and dear friend and photography mentor Regina Walker. If you would like to write an endorsement please let me know.

The book will be featuring my Slavery in America Image with Words Collection – Virginia Edition.

Peace out…

~Keith Alan Hamilton~

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