stand up and be heard

stand up and be heard
or just sit down
and wilt away
like the flower
’cause the vase went dry
of water……
the silence of winter
sets in
sounds of life
are muted
by the weight
of fresh snow
as the last petal
falls without resistance
to the floor  ~
~ stand up and be heard
speak of resolution
and reveal the way to peace
then like
the flight of a dove
across the majestic sky
on the morning
that gives birth to spring
an uplifting sense
of enlightenment ~
and new growth
will be experienced
through the spirit of
empowerment   ~
enbetterment  ~
the loving
and eternal intent
that’s rooted deeply
within the nobility
of well-spoken
meaningfull  ~  words

stand up and be heard

peace out

Words by   ~Keith Alan Hamilton~

This poem will be a part of the April edition that’s a collaboration by the 2015 Poetry Posse  – The Year of the Poet II published by Inner Child Press.  Buy your monthly copy Here:

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