a friend ~ a woman

we were young
~    so very young
well   ~   I guess
as it seems so now
when I first
as this shy   ~
but strong-willed boy
later to be called stubborn
by many women
I’ve known
~    saw her
from behind
my self-perceived
ugly glasses
as this girl
behind her glasses
possessing a special
kind of fortitude
way   ~   way
beyond her peers
~    and yet
as not
fully realized
back then
that she
and me
~    despite being
bodily not the same
she   ~   as a female
me   ~   as a male
had this kindred spirit
of mind and emotion
motivated by   ~
similar desires
envisioned a future
to the restless sort
wanting much   ~
much more
than growing up to live
an everyday life
akin to the culture
within some
small country town
~ ~
as though   ~
by the judgment
upon the strings
of the fates
while growing up
~    she and I
never got to know
each other   ~   that well
and when our time came
as adults   ~
to explore the world
our wandering nature
not unlike the adventurer
striking out
upon a greatly
anticipated expedition
we both departed
choosing   ~   to walk
on different roads
~ ~
and then one day
as if planned out
by the gods
or at least Zeus
the “Father
of Gods and men”
unbeknownst to me
the mortal kind   ~
she   ~   now this woman
me   ~   now this man
both the sojourners
within a reality
called life
have finally
stepped upon
the same road
even if   ~
not always
in the same place
~   doing so
after having amassed
within our travels
extremely   ~
complex lives
but this time
not again like
when we were young
regardless of the odds
~    and whatever
my present or past
with the many types
of women
that have come   ~
or stayed in my life
I do promise
somehow   ~   someway
at least
as far as me
with her
I’ll do my best
to keep it this kind
of relationship

as a man   ~
being a friend
~    with a woman

I do pray
I do hope

Words by    ~Keith Alan Hamilton~

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