friendship like ours

I do   ~   do want
to have friends
and yet   ~
I also want
the friend   ~   that one
who is my friend
of friends
my kindred spirit
~    conversation
with this friend
is not merely
talk   ~   talk
we partake
of each other
through heartfelt
dialogue   ~
sharing our hopes
and dreams
~    even our fears
and problems
our deepest
dark secrets
without judgment
~    supportive
being there
at any time   ~
or at any place
for the other
and when
all seems bleak
that lifeline
tossed urgently
into turbulent waters
bearing the blessing
of saving grace
and eternal strength
made to be possible
by us both
the faith
~    in a friendship
like ours   ~

Words by   ~Keith Alan Hamilton~

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