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Author of the book series Nature ~ IQ: Let’s Survive, Not Die ! The second book in the series, Adaptive Transitioning will be out in 2021.

  • This page/site is a living document and due to the ongoing social activism of its author, it will always be lagging behind as far as being up-to-date (Keith was bit by a tick a few years ago and has suffered with the effects of Lyme disease ever since.  Also during that time, he was diagnosed with Facioscapulohumeral Muscular Dystrophy.  So these conditions have interfered with the goals set for himself, as far as his social activism and acts of creativity).

Brief Overview

~Keith Alan Hamilton~  is a self-proclaimed, Nature-itarian, Visionary – Futurist, Mystic PhilosopherSpiritual Warrior, Healer and Pro-Human – Social Activist Performance Artist. 

As this artist who wants to initiate social change, Keith uses the power of words and/or images to express his opinions and insights to the world. In the manner of a Heyoka, he embeds these creations with empathy, satire, jest or the contrary perspective to arouse consciously a reflective and mirroring experience in others. This process then transforms Keith’s art into the proactive energy of Non-Violent Direct Action. An enlightening form of spiritual interaction that encourages OPEN DIALOGUE between fellow humans. A Non-Violent Direct way of communicating that effectuates social change in the collective conscious and unconscious of humanity. A KIND of change that hopefully leads to the healing and intelligent progression of the HUMAN-KIND.

To further clarify, Keith’s style of artistic expression emerges a spiritually philosophical blend of poetry and prose often visually flavored with his photographic imagery. This artistic brew of ingredients is embedded with a PRO-HUMAN message that is further communicated through performance art – Non-Violent Direct Action. While participating in artistic, charitable, and athletic events, Keith creates a body metaphor (wearing dark clothes with a hood). Performance Art, acts of creativity used to illustrate the transitional, transformational, patient, tolerant, peaceful and healing, intelligently progressive process found through OPEN DIALOGUE.  Artistic metaphor used to bring forth out of the darkness into the light, an OPEN process of DIALOGUE that confronts and airs out suppressed predispositions, inhibitions and stereotypes that work against finding any cures for societal ills.

Keith’s Non-Violent Direct Actions are guided and tempered by the spirit of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. This LOVE emanates from the energy of Keith’s emotive heart and spiritually influences the thought process of his mind. The embodiment of Love overflowing with acceptance, patience and tolerance that nurtures the intelligent progression of others and oneself. The PUREST kind of Love that nourishes THE PROCESS OF HEALING and the sustained HOPE for PEACE. An innate Eternal Love for the Human Species. A LOVE void of predisposition, inhibition and stereotype that emerges a spiritually positive pro-human perspective as to the future SURVIVAL of HUMAN-KIND.

It is these enlightened aspects of LOVE that inspire Keith as a SPIRITUAL WARRIOR, HEALER and SOCIAL ACTIVIST to do his part to creatively initiate SOCIAL CHANGE. The type of Social Change that envisions the benefit of HUMAN SPIRITUAL POWER as a collective – purposefully participating in the co-evolutionary process of reflective consciousness. An intelligently progressive, system of thought working as one to improve the Overall Well-Being of ALL THE HUMAN-KIND. A transitionally accumulative, collective realization of SPRITUAL WARRIOR POWER held within a way of perspective (enlightenment), that of being the One and Only of its Kind, the Human-Kind. ONE HUMAN-KIND regardless, the LABELS of race, skin color, sex, gender, nationality, ethnicity, culture, belief, or economic status. All of this ONE Kind united in ONE purpose. A Warrior (activist) mindset forging Spiritually Enlightened Social Change (proactive energy + the collective spiritual power of We the People as ONE KIND). A spiritual mindset embedded with the foresight and wisdom of the necessity for diversely preserving ALL We the People as ONE KIND into the future.

As a visionary and futurist, Keith foresees the transitioning and transforming spiritual power of We the People (Spiritual Warriors) as this collective whole to forge a Social Change that brings Healing and Peace to our KIND. This proactive energy will not only be beneficial for the Human-Kind. The benefits of Social Change will systemically be transitioning and transforming for all of Nature’s living and non-living aspects that comprise its totality.  Keith envisions this will occur collectively from the Human-Kind transitioning spiritually beyond just a humanitarian focus and concern for its KIND.  This spiritual process will transform our KIND multi-dimensionally to encompass a holistically Nature-itarian focus and concern for ALL of Nature’s KINDs.

~Peace Out~

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