~Keith Alan Hamilton~

~Keith Alan Hamilton~  is a self-proclaimed, Mystic Philosopher, Nature-itarian, Spiritual Warrior Activist, Holistic Systems Muser, Pro-Human – Minimalist, Artist, Photographer, Author and Publisher.

Keith is the author of the book Nature ~ IQ: Let’s Survive, Not Die !  Recently he released a Chapbook in eBook format called – ALL the HUMAN-KIND – Not Yet! Keith has published to date 5 books, all by way of his unique Creative Style. His Image with Words exhibitions have included the Slavery in America Image with Words Collection ~ Virginia Edition and the RLF: Images with Words (The Muse Series for MS Research).

At present, the primary role of this blog is to function as a medium for Keith’s creative expressions through the lens of a Mystic Philosopher, Nature-itarian and a Spiritual Warrior Activist. This blog is a living document (a work of thought and art in progress) and Keith tries to add to its content at least once a week.

Keith will soon be publishing a pamphlet (eBook format) that will be an introduction to his Mystic Philosophy and Spiritual Warrior Activism (SWA).

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