ME as my-SELF (Mam-S)
as ME

This is a LIVING Story about ME as my-SELF (Mam-S), ~Keith Alan Hamilton~ (~KAH~). As told through the LENS of my OWN particular (Op) MYSTIC PHILOSOPHY (MP). How overtime the INDIVIDUAL (I) as ME – who within the SCOPE of the SPIRITUALLY PHILOSOPHICAL (SP), seemingly has done one’s best to know more about (Mam-S), this CONSCIOUS HUMAN BEING (CHB). Apparently doing so while being someone as ALIVE in the WHOLE SYSTEM NATURE (WSN). The (I) as ME in spite of my INHERENT limitations as a (CHB) – will as freely as HUMANLY possible, TELL this LIVING Story, at least to all those willing to consider it.

Seemingly to the (I) as ME, my (Op) (SP) HUMAN LIVED EXPERIENCE (HLE) as to knowing (Mam-S), appears to have become so much more than just being a Mystic Philosopher. It also seems to have been about being a Nature-itarian, Spiritual Empathy Intuit, Whole System Muser, Freedom Wanter and Minimalist. As well, the (I) as ME, seems to have chosen the (HLE) of a CREATIVE. My creativity has found expression as a Photographer, Artist, Author and Publisher.

The (I) as ME to date, has written 5 books, all by way of my (Op) WORD IMAGERY STYLE (WIS). My first book was Nature ~ IQ: Let’s Survive, Not Die! Most recently, the (I) as ME experimented with self-publishing a Chapbook in eBook format called – ALL the HUMAN-KIND – Not Yet! My Image with Words exhibitions have included the Slavery in America Image with Words Collection ~ Virginia Edition and the RLF: Images with Words (The Muse Series for MS Research).

This LIVING Story about (Mam-S) – the (I) as ME, attempts to be intelligently progressive in thought and creatively expressive in its WRITING process. So be prepared for modifications and/or complete changes to content along the way. The (I) as ME – trys to add to this LIVING Story at least once a week.

The (I) as ME, will soon be publishing a booklet (eBook format) that will be a primer to my (Op) type of (MP). Until then, follow the “Next” link below to get a SENSE of its development.


“The INDIVIDUAL (I) as ME, has this WANTING to more freely CHOOSE WHO becomes the ME in NATURE; how ME as my-SELF (Mam-S), after much struggle through effort to further become my-SELF, the (I) as ME, along the way wanted the LIBERTY to more FREELY do so in NATURE.”

“After words, apparently the INDIVIDUAL (I) as ME, shall enfold back into the shadows of the WHOLE, after a brief unfold of CONSCIOUS BEINGNESS (CB); seemingly a (CB) intent on revealing my (I) portion to be known in the scheme and breath of the WHOLE SYSTEM NATURE (WSN).”

Mystically Philosophical Sayings by ~Keith Alan Hamilton~ (~KAH~)