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This Blog is the means chosen to independently publish online the art of its author ~Keith Alan Hamilton~ and other Artists. The blog’s vision is to make available a freely accessible and affordable medium which will provide the creative spirit greater recognition, distribution & readership over the internet.

Keith firmly believes, “The true act of creating art, is for it to be used for the everlasting benefit of all humanity.”

Driven by that belief, this blog’s mission is within the spirit brought forth in the author’s book series Nature ~ IQ: Let’s Survive, Not Die! to see the value of proactively working together to improve the overall well-being of humanity. So people become more willing and able to help themselves and then do the same for others. To exemplify this mission a portion of the proceeds from the author’s book series and his Art Store will be donated to help support promising research into the cause, treatment, and management of MS, Fibromyalgia, Diabetes, Cancer, Hydrocephalus and mental conditions (Bipolar, Depression, Autism, etc.).

To help accomplish this objective, at present the author publishes two other blogs at NatureIQ.com & The Hamilton Gallery ~ Online.com (under revision).


Besides being a publisher and an editor, the author, ~Keith Alan Hamilton~ writes a spiritually philosophical blend of poetry and prose that’s often further pictorialized with his Smartphone photography. Keith is also an exhibited artist and a professional Information Specialist/Investigator (Private/Corporate Sector – LPI).

Keith recently published in print and Kindle through Inner Child Press the first book in his series Nature ~ IQ: Let’s Survive, Not Die! Poems, Sayings and more….. used to address the most pressing issues on earth ~ facing humankind! A poetic essay on the human potential to proactively adapt and then survive any type of earth change. Keith is currently writing the second book in the series Nature ~ IQ: Let’s Survive, Not Die! – Adaptive Transitioning.

Nature IQ Full Coverfinal

After doing an Images & Words flip-book collaboration with NYC photographer/writer Regina Walker called Stuyvesant Town ~ NYC, Keith picked up the camera again. This time in the form of Smartphone Photography as found in his Smartphone Photography Portfolio.

Mystical Beam

Keith has recently said about his photography, “I’m firstly an artist with a Smartphone camera trying to create art by the way I capture images at a particular moment in time.”

Keith’s experience as an artist, as manifested through his writing (prose/poems) and photography has led to his newest expression of creativity combining images with words as found in his Image with Words Portfolio.

Transional Flutter-Fly
Keith further says about this kind of creative experience, “As an artist, my Image with Words creations, my word imagery seems to undergo this heighten process of poetic emergence.

Keith has been developing his spiritually philosophical style of writing (poetry, prose, sayings, etc.) and photography for many years. The artistry of his words and photos are rooted within the nurturing arms of his Polish/German mother (his first muse). Keith says his mother’s willpower and loving temperament is the spirit flowing in his words and photos. They are also deeply influenced with the character of his Scot grandfather (his second muse), who was a master storyteller and could hold his audience spellbound for hours on end. Keith’s words and photos not only reveal the cultural flavor representative of his heritage but also the area in the USA where he was born. He grew up in a small place called Freeland, Michigan. This is where one of Keith’s most influential muses RLF grew up as well. Many fellow artists and friends have inspired Keith’s artistic creations, and have become muses, like his photography mentor RAW. Keith’s children and grandchildren are continually powerful muses on the kind of art he creates; especially his son Jason, Keith’s hero for his struggle to live each day the best he can while dealing with the effects resultant from being born hydrocephalic.

If Keith was asked to describe his spiritually philosophical style, he would say it embodies the everyday spirit of a Norman Rockwell illustration, a sort of raw Mark Twain individuality and the perfectionist mannerism captured in an Ansel Adams photo. Keith hopes his everyday style, that unique spiritual flavor tasted within the emergence of his words and photos, will appeal to a broad spectrum of people around the world.

All three of Keith’s blogs, as well as his other artistic creations through word, photography or a combination of the two are this evolving art process referred to by Keith as living documents (works of art in progress). Keith firmly believes these freely accessible and affordable online living documents, where people around the world on the internet can view the evolving creative process of his artwork, as well as other artists he has featured (extending to the Poets. Writers, Photographers, Musicians, Artists ~ Networking Group on Facebook) is of benefit. Why? He is a firm believer that creativity breeds creativity. The more creativity that is shared with others, where people observe and experience the entire creative process from start to finish, will be a true source of encouragement and motivation for humanity. When the whole spectrum of people from young to the old observe the struggle to bring forth works of art in whatever form, they in turn will be inspired to be more creative themselves. Then those inspired in such a way will bring forth works of art in word and image to be shared with others, which will collectively provide positive change to the overall well-being of humanity (like Keith’s muses have inspired him).

Keith says his recent inspiration to offer artists the opportunity to showcase their artwork at The Hamilton Gallery ~ Online.com Blog, free of charge helps to put into motion the vision brought forth in his online book series Nature ~ IQ: Let’s Survive, Not Die! Over a freely accessible and affordable medium like the internet, a larger audience of people can experience, view and read a person’s particular style of artwork. Many artists, Keith included can get published and/or exhibited at a relatively moderate cost today; however, many artists are not promoted and distributed to the point of where their creations can be viewed and/or read by others on a large scale. Keith explains many artists are not as concerned with getting rich or being famous, but rather if their work, their creations are being widely viewed and/or read, shared and enjoyed by others. Keith’s heartfelt hope, his vision in forming a collaborative of the best artists in the world, is that they widely get more recognition, distribution and readership. Thus fulling the mission set forth by Keith’s artwork and the ultimate purpose within the act of creating art, is for it to be used for the everlasting benefit of all humanity.

Nothing illustrates this process better then the creativity inspired by one of Keith’s most influential muses RLF and her heroic day to day struggle with the effects of MS and Fibromyalgia.

The Muse Series for MS Research (RLF: Images with Words)

the muse

A portion of the proceeds from this series of image with words is being donated to the RLF: The Muse Fund for MS Research, Fibromyalgia, Diabetes and mental conditions (Bipolar, Depression, Autism, etc.) associations to help support promising research into the cause, treatment, and management of these conditions. The true act of creating art, is for it to be used for the everlasting benefit of all humanity. All being brought forth from the inspiration provided by another human being like RLF. In like manner, a portion of the proceeds from everything sold at Keith’s Art Store is donated to various causes.

Keith Alan Hamilton.com, NatureIQ.com and the Hamilton Gallery ~ Online.com continuing in the living document tradition are currently being converted to the WordPress Blog format. All flash style flip-books including portfolios at The Hamilton Gallery ~ Online.com are being converted to the new HTML 5 format so they can be viewed by Smartphones.

View Keith’s other works of art in progress here: Flip-Books (Images or Images with Words)

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