~Keith Alan Hamilton~

~Peace Out~

~Keith Alan Hamilton~  is a self-proclaimed, Nature-itarian, Mystic Philosopher, Spiritual Warrior, Pro-Human ~ Peace Out ~ Social Activist, Performance Artist, Author and Publisher.

He is the publisher and author of this blog, as well as the book series Nature ~ IQ: Let’s Survive, Not Die !  The first book in that series subtitled: Poems, Sayings and more …..  has been published in Paperback since 2013. The second book in that series will be subtitled:  Adaptive Transitioning (out in 2022 – eBook format). In 2021, Keith released his Chapbook (eBook format) – ALL the HUMAN-KIND – Not Yet! Created by way of his unique Artistic Style, Keith has published to date, 5 books.

This blog is a living document (a work of art in progress) and Keith tries to add to its content at least once a week. This means regular visitors to this blog will be able to experience the creative process behind Keith’s Vision and works of art in whatever form of manifestation they may exist (past or present state).

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